12 hour fasting

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? I was on a 16 hour fastening schedule before, but I found it a bit demanding. I worked, but the first hours in the morning were tough. The combination of just having black coffee and water the first hours of the day can be a bit rough.

A 12 hour fasting regime is much easier to maintain. If you eat your last meal at 20.00 you can have breakfast at 08.00.

This fastening is very easy to maintain, and it actually help you to sleep better , since you stop eating those devestating late meals.

Even if you go for a late dinner sometimes, it should not be to much of a problem to delay breakfast for just a couple of hours.

You may not reach ketosis through this method, but it will give you some benefits, and a method that is easy to stick to is a method that works.