Former Pornstar loses 80 pound on keto diet

For men of a certain age the name Jenna Jameson might awake some memories. Today however the former porn star is mostly known as a social media influencer and entrepreneur. She is now 48, and lately she has been struggling with weight problems.

In April this year she decided to to something about it. She discovered the keto diet and with a combination of healthy eating and frequent exercises she managed to loose 80 pounds.

She has some practical advise for anyone who need to loose weight: “I literally walk to the market every other day and purchase a few items I need,” , Jenna says.

While not everyone may have access to a nice posh Californian food market, it makes sense to skip the bulk shopping, and focus on buying just the food that you really need.

Ms. Jameson also advises keto beginners to “clean” their kitchens and get rid of all sugary and unhealthy stuff before starting their diets.